ASEM Summit12 event card

12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12)

From Oct 18, 2018 to Oct 19, 2018
Hosted by: European Union
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Event type: Summits
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    The 12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12) will be held 18-19 October 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.                  

    Agenda highlights

    The ASEM summit will bring together:

    • heads of state or government of 51 European and Asian countries
    • representatives of the European Union
    • the Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

    European Council President, Donald TUSK will chair the summit. European Commission President, Jean-Claude JUNCKER will also represent the EU at the summit.

    Discussions will focus on the theme "Europe and Asia: Global Partners for Global Challenges".

    Leaders will seek to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the two continents on a wide range of areas, including:

    • trade and investment
    • connectivity
    • sustainable development and climate
    • security challenges such as terrorism, non-proliferation, cyber-security, irregular migration

    Please watch our video here

    For more information about the event organizer, please visit the official website of the European Union External Service (EEAS) here and the web-page on EU Council website here.

    Please Contact Us

    For general information: [email protected], Tel: +32 2 281 25 00

    For press and delegates: [email protected]

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