The 13th ASEF Journalists Seminar (ASEFJS13) is a training-oriented event bringing together young journalists below the age of 35 years from Asia and Europe. It is also an official side event of the ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting.

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) organised a 2-day seminar between 7-10 November in Singapore covering the following topics:

1. Impact Storytelling

2. Constructive Journalism

3. News Production in the Digital Age

4. Mobile storytelling

Through expert trainers’ presentations, panel discussions, case studies, and examples of the latest innovative media tools, participants enriched their journalistic repertoire with perspectives from Asia and Europe. They exchanged experiences and ideas on current issues and contributed towards thought leadership in the field of journalism.

The programme is an integral part of ASEF’s responsibility for engaging promising media representatives from ASEM countries and giving them access to the ASEM process where possible.


Last update: 15 November 2022




ASEF Communications Department