Budapest hosted ASEM Transport Senior Officials Meeting in June 2019

As announced in the Bali Declaration which was released at the 4th ASEM Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMTMM4), Hungary would be the host of the upcoming 5th ASEM Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMTMM5) between 11 and 12 of December 2019. Prior to the summit of the ASEM cooperation’s 53 Partners, Budapest provided the venue for a Transport Senior Officials’ Meeting (TSOM) in June.

Transport Senior Officials from all-across from Asia to Europe gathered in Budapest for a 2-day set of discussions and consultations. The meeting took place between 13 and 14 of June.

The goal of the 1st ASEM TSOM was

  1. to prepare for the ASEM’s biennial series of conferences held in December both technically and professionally
  2. to evaluate the achievements, progress and findings of the previous ASEM consultation period, and
  3. to initiate the dialogue about the 3 main priorities of this year’s summit, which are decarbonization, digitalization and the use of smart technologies together with sustainable transportation networks and systems.

Recognising the importance of these 3 main objectives, the Government of Hungary decided to lead the way in aiming to build collaborative and interconnected transport networks, in the research and development of self-driving cars and their testing, also in reducing carbon emission to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

Hugary hopes to discuss their accomplishments and efforts with each of the ASEM country’s delegates to establish trust and operating partnerships on the policy areas important to their cooperation, in this case, transportation.

The conference provided a great opportunity for the delegates to exchange new ideas, experiences and establish professional relations around the key areas.

On behalf of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary, the Ministy of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary invited the distinguished representatives of the participating Governments to attend.

The 2nd ASEM TSOM is going to take place 1 day before ASEMTMM5, on 10 December 2019, in Budapest Hungary.