The 20th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights was a hybrid/online event on the topic “Human Rights of Older Persons”. Taking place on 22-24 February 2021, the Seminar aimed to contribute towards the promotion of human rights of older persons and provided a platform for discussion on how to further strengthen the autonomy, social protection and participation of older persons at the ASEM partner countries.

The Seminar was co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea, the ASEM Global Ageing Center and the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

The 4 simultaneous Working Group discussions delved into the following topics:

  • Autonomy and Independence of Older Persons
  • Social Protection and Human Rights of Older Persons
  • Age Discrimination against Older Persons focusing on Labour Markets
  • Empowerment of Older Persons through Education and Training

The main outcomes of the discussions are gathered in Key Messages which was shared with all 53 ASEM Partners after the Seminar