Following the 1st ASEM Seminar on Nuclear Safety held in Singapore in June 2012, leaders from Asia and Europe came together to discuss ways to improve nuclear safety. The Seminar was hosted by Lithuania, and co-sponsored by the Governments of Japan and Singapore.

The main purpose of the 2nd ASEM Seminar on Nuclear Safety in Lithuania is to continue discussions on nuclear safety within ASEM which have been given a good start by Singapore in order to foster Asia-Europe cooperation in this area. The theme, International Instruments for Ensuring Nuclear Safety, was chosen to reflect the need to develop nuclear projects with due responsibility and respect to the highest international safety standards.

The 2-day seminar provided a platform for an exchange of views and sharing experiences on best practices among relevant policymakers and experts from governments, the European Commission, IAEA and other international organisations on international instruments for ensuring the development of nuclear power projects in compliance with international nuclear safety standards.