In the age of globalization and urbanization, metropolises worldwide are experiencing breathtaking growth and fundamental structural change – economically, demographically, and culturally. Cities are facing enormous shared challenges and must find intelligent ways to combine quality of life with economic growth, social cohesion, and environmental sustainability. As a result, an exchange of experiences between cities and the chance to learn from each other can benefit all European and Asian cities.

The ASEM Meeting for Governors and Mayors (ASEM MGM) serves as a venue for a dialogue on the municipal level between Governors and Mayors of cities in ASEM countries in Europe and Asia. The ASEM-MGM is held every two years with the rotation of host cities in Asia and Europe. The first and second ASEM MGM meetings that were held in the recent past in Jakarta (2010) and Berlin (2012) respectively have proven to be meaningful opportunities for cities leaders and representatives to share experiences and discuss crucial topics such as environment, urbanization, and good local governance.

With a view to following up on this successful tradition, Bangkok hosted the 3rd ASEM Meeting for Governors and Mayors in 2015 in Bangkok under the theme, “ASEM Goes Local: Innovation and Regeneration”. As the theme suggests, the meeting aimed to stimulate sustainable urban regeneration and innovation that addresses today’s major urban issues through the exchange of views and sharing the exemplary experiences of the major cities in Asia and Europe. Four core topics of urban issues that are of common interest among all cities in the present day were discussed:

  1. Disaster Management;
  2. Response to Impacts of Environmental Issues;
  3. Traffic and Transportation Management;
  4. Tourism Management and Cultural Diversity