In the field of labour and social affairs, the ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meetings organized every two years since 2006 have provided an opportunity for ASEM partners to discuss, strengthen their relationship, and find solutions to labour, employment and social issues in the global agendas.

The Government of Vietnam hosted the 4th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference (ASEM LEMC4) in Hanoi under the title, “Social protection and employment – a key to inclusive growth“.

The recent financial and economic crisis, and its employment and social impacts, highlight the importance of employment and social protection for a sustainable and inclusive growth.

  1. During the preparatory SOM meeting the following objectives of the 4th ASEM LEMC were identified by ASEM partners:
  2. Gaining better understanding of the current and long-term employment and social challenges in the ASEM countries;
  3. Recommending policies in the area of employment, notably youth employment, decent work, including social protection, CSR, health and safety and skills;
  4. Enhancing cooperation among ASEM members in handling these challenges.