The 4th ASEM ME Seminar on the Innovative Competences and Entrepreneurship Education was held from 27-29 October in Hanoi. The Working Group focused on two major issues:

  1. Case studies from 10 ASEM countries on successfull education programs on entrepreneurship education;
  2. Key drivers to prepare and implement education policies on innovation and entrepreneurship for primary, secondary and vocational education.

During the three days, the working group distilled the case studies and put the key findings in the structure of the report. As the cases are detailed and the reader might not find the most relevant information easily, the delegates agreed on a figure which highlights the most important drivers related to the certain case. These were the solid foundations of the recommendations prepared by the working group. As 21st century competencies and teaching students to become entrepreneurs have drawn focus in Asia and Europe, the report including the pool of case studies may be used as a flexible guide for anyone.

As an important part of every meeting, the working group visited three schools in Ha Noi. The Dong Da Secondary School, the Wellspring International Bilingual School, and the Dinh Tien Hoang High School might be very different in the funding they receive or the students they teach but similar in focusing on the delivery of innovative competences and emphasizing entrepreneurship in their education.

Based on the cooperation of the participating countries, a joint report was sent to 5th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting (ASEM ME5) in April 2015 in Latvia .


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