Approximately 150 representatives of Asian and European parliaments gathered for the 4th Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting (ASEP4) on 4-5 May 2006, in Helsinki, Finland.

The main themes of the meeting were:
1. Climate Change and its Economic Implications
2. Education and Mobility – Asia-Europe Cultural Exchange

In addition to lively discussions on the main topics, the meeting adopted 2 key documents: the new Rules of Procedure and the ASEP4 Declaration. The Rules of Procedure will improve the regularity and effectiveness of the ASEP process whilst the Declaration covers common ground between the Asian and European partners in a number of areas.

The ASEP parliamentarians also agreed that ASEP meetings should take place every 2 years, prior to an ASEM Summit and preferably in the country hosting the Summit. The meeting welcomed the announcement of the National People’s Congress of China to host ASEP5 in 2008 in Beijing. The meeting was organised by the Finnish Parliament.