Within the framework of ASEM a fruitful and intensive dialogue on employment and social policies has been taking place during the last decade. Since 2006, 4 ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers Conferences (ASEM LEMC) have been held: ASEM LEMC1 (2006, Potsdam, Germany); ASEM LEMC2 (2008, Bali, Indonesia); ASEM LEMC3 (2010, Leiden, the Netherlands); ASEM LEMC4 (2012, Hanoi, Viet Nam). (See below related events.)

The Hanoi Ministerial Declaration of 2012 is focused on employment and social protection as a key to sustainable and inclusive growth, recommending policies in the sphere of employment, decent work, social protection, corporate social responsibility (CSR), health and safety at work.

To continue along this successful path, the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy hosted the ASEM LEMC5, on 3-4 December 2015 in Sofia. The Conference was jointly organised with the European Commission.

The 5th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference (ASEM LEMC5) was held under the theme: Towards Sustainable Social Development in Asia and Europe: A joint Vision for Decent Work and Social Protection.

Official statements of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ivailo Kalfin and EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen marked the beginning of the 5th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference in Sofia.

Right after the official opening, two working sessions were conducted, moderated by EU Commissioner, Mrs Thyssen and DPM and Minister of Labour and Social Policy of Bulgaria, Mr Kalfin. During both sessions, delegates exchanged ideas and statements pointing out concrete steps aiming towards improvement of labour markets of all states participating in the ASEM LEMC dialogue. Promoting higher labour and social standarts, along with a thorough improvement of working conditions are essential for turning the labour market into a much attractive one.

Social development and improvement of social protection of workers was the key theme in delegations’ statements during the 3rd working session of the conference, moderating by the state minister of labour and social policy of Bangladesh Mr Mujibul Haque.

For more event information, go to visit the official website at www.asemsofia.eu/en.