The ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC) and Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) of the Republic of Korea have hosted the 5th ASEM Working Group (WG) Seminar on SMEs Eco-Innovation Competence, which was held on 19-21 September, 2017 in Seoul, Korea. The Seminar was to discuss the implementation of ASEM cooperative projects and development of new cooperation among ASEM member countries.

In order to carry out our mandate of SMEs eco-innovation competence, aimed at strengthening common ground to support SMEs among participating countries toward sustainable growth, the Seminar had been endorsed at the 10th ASEM Summit in Milan, Italy.

Following consecutive roundtable discussions and constant analyses of the needs and expectations of member countries throughout the prior WG Seminars, 7 project ideas under three main topics were generated and had been endorsed at the 11th ASEM Summit in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, as one of ASEM’s new initiatives for 2016-2018, as follows:

  1. Developing Training on Eco-Innovation for SMEs
  2. Eco-Innovation Advisory Services for SMEs Cooperation,
  3. Eco-Innovation Capacity Building for the Governments.

These WG-driven projects were discussed in-depth during the 5th Working Group Seminar, and concrete plans for 2017-2018 were generated.

The WG Seminar is open to all ASEM member states that have a keen interest in facilitating eco-innovation of SMEs. We would like to take this opportunity to note that any ASEM member state is more than welcome to contribute to this progressing Working Group.

For more information, please find the attached or contact to Ms. Rebecca Koo ( at ASEIC.