The 9th ASEM Counter-terrorism Conference will focus on the theme, “Improving Community Counter Terrorism Initiatives“.

During the 10th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Gödöllő, Hungary (6-7 June 2011), Indonesian Foreign Minister RM Marty Natalegawa announced Indonesia’s intention to host the 9th ASEM Counter-terrorism Conference (ASEM CCT).

Discourses on counterterrorism in ASEM commenced at the 4th ASEM Summit, in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2002. At the Summit, Leaders endorsed the initiative to hold an ASEM Seminar on Anti-terrorism which finally became the impetus for the first ASEM CCT.

In 2011, the 9th ASEM CCT shall continue its mandate in promoting knowledge sharing and best practices among ASEM Partners. It aims to identify effective approaches grounded in respect of human rights and the rule of law according to international conventions and protocols against terrorism and possible follow-ups action plan for Asia and Europe at the national and regional level.


Hosts: Indonesia (National Counter-Terrorism Agency and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia)
Other Asian and European ASEM Partners (to be identified).
Others: Speakers and discussants and participants will be invited from public policy think tanks, academia, civil society, plus officials from each ASEM Partners.