On September 19-21, 2006 the Polish Customs, Service arranged international conference on Customs cooperation between countries of the European Union and South-East Asia in the framework of the Asian-European ASEM Dialog Process: Asia-Europe Meeting.

The conference consisted of two parts:

  • 9th Meeting of the ASEM Customs Procedures Working Group (PWG)
  • Joint Meeting of ASEM experts of Customs Procedures Working Group (PWG) and Enforcement Working Group (EWG).

The ASEM PWG Meeting was devoted to the questions of facilitation of European-Asian trading and implementation of simplified procedures. Following the ASEM rules the PWG meetings are chaired alternatively by the European Union and Asian side. During 2005-2007 the UE holds the chairmanship and on its behalf Poland acts as a chair of the PWG. The 9th PWG Meeting was the first ASEM meeting to be held in the new ASEM member state after the ASEM enlargement in 2004.

The Joint Meeting of the ASEM PWG and EWG discussed the questions related to the regional and inter-regional international cooperation including procedural and legislative issues on security of supply chain based on initiatives taken by the World Customs Organisation (Framework of Standards – FoS).