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The ASEM Global Lifelong Learning Week will take place in person from the 26th to the 30th of September at University College Cork. The focus of this week is on the topic of lifelong learning; however, this is also an opportunity for our large network of academics and partners to meet in person for the first time post-COVID.

Attendees at the event can expect to be involved in workshops and webinars hosted by each of the 6 research networks and Hub partners, as well as in some cultural events located around the beautiful campus of University College Cork and the city of Cork.

The ASEM LLL Hub has six research networks: E-Learning; Workplace Learning; Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Educators; National Strategies for Lifelong Learning; Learning Transitions; Learning Cities and Learning Regions. All of the networks will be in Cork for the week where they will meet to disseminate results of research and offer symposiums into their networks.

Other events

ASEM LLL Hub Mid-term Review

International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame Award Presentation

The International Adult and Continuing Education (IACE) Hall of Fame is an organisation that honours leaders in the fields of adult education and lifelong learning. Annually, adult and continuing education leaders from around the world are selected for induction into the Hall of Fame. On September 28th, the IACE will host their lecture and award presentation at University College Cork. The award presentation is a black-tie event and is open to all attendees of the ASEM Global Lifelong Learning Week.

Alfred O’ Rahilly Lecture by professor Arne Carlson & Bertram Windle Award

Adult Continuing Education (ACE) at University College Cork will host the Alfred O’Rahilly Lecture and Bertram Windle Award Ceremony. These events were created to showcase excellence in the field of lifelong learning. Alfred O’Rahilly and Bertram Windle were both past Presidents of University College Cork, and the lecture and award ceremony are held annually in their honour. Both of these events are open to all attendees of the ASEM Global Lifelong Learning Week. This year the Bertram Windle Award will be given to Professor Maria Slowey for outstanding achievements in lifelong learning and adult education.

Empower Competences for Online Learning in Higher Education (ECOLHE)

ECOLHE is an action research project that aims to create exchange of best practises in higher education. On September 27th, they will hold a workshop teaching practitioner workshop with a focus on curriculum development, which includes a workshop by Professor Leslie Cordie, Auburn University. The workshop is open to all attendees of the ASEM Global Lifelong Learning Week.

Cork Learning City will host their annual festival on September 29th, which will consist of various learning activities throughout University College Cork and Cork City that are open to the public.

Some of the events throughout the week are co-hosted by partners of the ASEM LLL Hub.


The Programme can be downloaded from the documents section.