Entitled, “From Bali to Leiden – What lessons for ASEM from the Jobs crisis?“, the ASEM Employment High Level Forum discussed global issues related to global employment and decent work agenda for all, taking into account the achievements of the ASEM Dialogue on Employment and Social Policies. The Forum focused on how to turn the current employment crisis into an opportunity for creating jobs and strengthening social development at the global level.

The ASEM Employment High Level Forum prepared the background and building blocks for the 3rd ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting held in Leiden, the Netherlands, in December 2010. It also provided input for the 8th ASEM Summit held in Brussels, Belgium, in October 2010.

Participants to this Forum included representatives from the various Labour and Employment ministries from each ASEM member and the ASEAN Secretariat, diplomats, representatives from the European Commission, experts, academics, and representatives from international organisations.