The ASEM Industry Dialogue on Connectivity was proposed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during the 10th ASEM Summit (ASEM10) in 2014. The ASEM Industry Dialogue on Connectivity adopted the theme, Advancing Asia-Europe Connectivity Through Innovation.

The Dialogue was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce, and organised by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government and China Center for International Economic Exchanges.

Connectivity has been one of the important areas of cooperation highlighted by ASEM Leaders in recent years. During ASEM10 in 2014 in Italy, Leaders:

…underscored the significance of connectivity between the two regions to economic prosperity and sustainable development and to promoting free and seamless movement of people, trade, investment, energy, information, knowledge and ideas, and greater institutional linkages.

With cooperation deepened and common interests expanded between Asia and Europe, more efficient flow of inter-regions goods, service, capital and personnel will not only much be needed but also possible. There has been growing call for cooperation among ASEM members to enhance connectivity which is poised to catalyze cooperation in broader areas and further promote regional integration.

The dialogue provided a platform for ASEM government officials, entrepreneurs, scholars and other stake-holders to share and exchange valuable findings and thoughts on various aspects of connectivity, such as opportunities and challenges, ways of promotion, investment and financing.