Digital learning has become a new normal and the world has been moving towards a digital future. One of the most potential and prospective of these is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the capability of machines to communicate with and imitate the capabilities of humans. Using AI helps in problem solving with higher accuracy, higher speed and a larger scale. AI technology is emerging as a competitive advantage. In this regard, many companies including education sectors are shifting from remote monitoring to control, optimisation and advanced autonomous AI-based systems to improve their functionality. Along with its rising importance in Education, AI shows an increasing and broader presence in the scholarly discourse, and this presence has affected many fields, such as teaching, research, innovation and community outreach. AI is now researched from a more holistic perspective for quality education. This webinar deliberates on AI in Education and explores the possible areas for collaborative research and development.

Prof. Seamus O. Tuama

University College Cork, Ireland

Chair, ASEM LLL Hub

Prof. Karanam Pushpanadham

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Barodia, India

Co-ordinator, eASEM Research Network

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Jan Pawlowski (Finland)

Dr. Carmen Biel (Germany)

Prof. Norazah Nordin (Malaysia)

Dr. Long Pham (Ireland)