The Philippines, together with Switzerland and the European Union, hosted the ASEM Manila Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM), titled, Post-Haiyan – A Way Forward on 04-06 June 2014, in Manila.

During the 11th ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting on 11-12 November 2013 in India, ASEM Ministers agreed to mainstream disaster risk reduction and management in the ASEM agenda. The Ministers specifically supported greater collaboration and coordination in disaster risk reduction and management and mitigation.

Given the increasing frequency of mega disasters and the extent of devastation brought about by these calamities in recent years, ASEM Partners are called upon to step up and match the unparalleled effects of these mega disasters with an exceptional Asia-Europe cooperation to ensure the substantial reduction of losses of lives and assets.

The Manila Conference aims to highlight the lessons learned from Haiyan and other mega disasters, identify gaps and challenges, share best practices in technology, innovation, systems and procedures and produce the “Tacloban Declaration” which will contain proposals for the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Target participants are senior officials from national and local governments, senior representatives from regional and international organizations, NGO leaders, private sector, captains of industry, experts and scientists principally from ASEM member countries.