ASEM Meeting on “Sustainable Marine Environment: Marine Debris” took place on 3 August 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand.

This ASEM meeting brought together relevant ASEM sectoral bodies and a broad range of stakeholders, i.e. governments, international organisations, business and industries, academia and exerts, and civil society organisations who are involved in marine, science, technology and innovation, as well as legal and regulatory framework to gather inputs and discuss ways forward for ASEM to address the issues of sustainable marine environment more effectively and holistically as well as to raise awareness of global community on marine debris issue and to achieve the action plan on reducing marine debris in local and region scale.


  1. To review the current status of marine debris pollution on local, regional and global scales and its impacts
  2. To identify gaps and challenges, and share best practices for the national governments, local municipalities and private sector to work together to create innovative solutions for tackling marine debris problems and for sustainable marine enviornemnt
  3. To initiate the draft of Marine Debris Reduction Management Plan for reducing the quality of plastic debris entering into the ocean and marine environment
  4. To provide a platform and to create networking and forging partnerships among ASEM members for future collaboration in tackling the marine debris problem