The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992) has laid the basis for the world’s striving for a development model that is sustainable over the long term. At the ASEM 7 Summit in Beijing in October 2008, ASEM members expressed their commitment to pursue their efforts. As a follow up, the Government of Indonesia and the European Commission organize a specific conference, the second of its kind, titled “Towards an Asia-Europe Partnership for Sustainable Development” in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 26-27 May 2010.

The Preparatory Event on Sustainable Development of 23-24 June in Brussels (dates tbc) is designed as an intergovernmental negotiation session. It is an integral part of the preparatory process for the ASEM 8 Summit. It will group official representatives of ASEM governments and partners only. It will meet on the basis of a political document drawn a.o. on the work accomplished and on the results of the 2nd ASEM Development Conference. It will be called to define the political messages on the road towards sustainable development which can be submitted to the Leaders when they gather for the Summit.

Expected participation:

Government negotiators only