India hosted the ASEM Roundtable on Water Management Technologies: Towards Efficient and Sustainable Water Management through Partnerships Amongst ASEM Countries as part of Water India 2015.

The 11th ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in India from November 11-12, 2013, agreed that the dynamism of ASEM should find expression in tangible result-oriented initiatives which could be utilized to define joint responses by Asia and Europe to global and regional challenges and also seize opportunities for growth and development. Twelve areas were identified by ASEM members for tangible cooperation with multiple countries having expressed interest in identifying specific initiatives for enhancing cooperation between ASEM members in each of the identified areas.

Efficient and Sustainable Water Management is one of the areas identified by ASEM partners for tangible cooperation.

With the aim of supporting technological transformation and demonstration of global best available technologies and in the context of ASEM’s new approach of tangible cooperation,a Roundtable to deliberate on the subject and identify important factors contributing towards water use efficiency and their relative contributions, which would facilitate prioritization in evolving investment strategies to promote water use efficienc, was proposed.