Sustainable development is at the core of the Millennium Development Goals and the UN post-2015 development agenda under discussion. Science, technology and innovation are the driving force for economic growth, social development and environmental protection, which are among the most important dimensions of sustainable development. In the Chair’s Statement of ASEM 10, leaders stressed the key role of science, technology and innovation in promoting inclusive socio-economic growth and job creation. They agreed to enhance cooperation in science, technology and innovation, and to promote the joint development and deployment of innovative solutions in order to address common societal challenges and to strengthen the trans-regional mobility of researchers and innovators.

As the world is at the advent of a new round of industrial revolution, countries are striving to strengthen national S&T innovation capacities in order to push forward social and economic development while better protecting the environment. Intensified cooperation among ASEM members in this regard is vital to exploit complementary strengths in order to achieve the common goal of sustainable development.