Trade between Asia and Europe crucially depends on the security of intercontinental maritime routes. Hence, ASEM countries share a common interest in tackling piracy as effectively and as comprehensively as possible. The seminar is designed to draw on the wide variety of experience acquired by Asian and by European ASEM partners in real-life situations. Its objective is to identify where further progress could be made in the fight against contemporary pirates and against violence at sea. With this work, it would become possible to design a political document which could be submitted for consideration of the ASEM members and through them, for approval of the ASEM 8 Summit.

Several organizations and fora such as the United Nations, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime, the Contact Group for Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, Interpol, the European Union, the Asian Regional Forum and others, accomplish precious work in the fight against piracy. Conform to its mandate, ASEM will strive to take forward the dialogue on piracy-related issues arising in the context of these relevant institutions. As key international players, ASEM members will direct their effort at supporting them with coordinated political messages.

Expected participation:

Governmental and non-governmental experts and representatives