As announced by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao during the 8th ASEM Summit in Brussels in October 2010, the ASEM Symposium on Sustainable Forest Management to Address Climate Change will be hosted by China. The Symposium will aim towards advancing practical cooperation on strategies that promote forest-based climate change mitigation and adaptation actions among senior officials of Forestry Management and relevant policy makers from ASEM countries as well as prominent academics and representatives from related international/regional organizations.

The symposium will comprise a mix of presentation and discussion on issues including:

  • Actions taken by each government to promote sustainable forest management;
  • the significance of applying sustainable forest management to address climate change;
  • Best practices of sustainable forest management and its effect on climate change mitigation in each country;
  • Potential cooperation among countries and with other initiatives.


All ASEM members are invited to send participants to the symposium. They could be:

  • Senior Official from counterpart Ministries;
  • Representatives from academies or think tank;
  • Representatives from international organizations across Asia and Europe who share an interest in maximizing the potential of forest-related activities to mitigate climate change.

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