The Sixth ASEM Summit endorsed the Chinese initiative of holding an ASEM Workshop on Avian Influenza Control. To follow up on this proposal, the Ministry of Agriculture of China will host the Workshop in Beijing on November 12-14, 2007.


The Workshop aims to promote Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) prevention and control through exchanging experience on policy, regulations and technical measures, and exploring cooperation mechanisms for ASEM countries.


  1. To exchange experiences in developing laws, regulations, emergency response plan in combating HPAI.
  2. To conduct technological exchange on HPAI rapid testing, monitoring and emergency treatment, given that HPAI is characterized by rapid virus mutation and multiple virus types.
  3. To exchange experiences and practices on development and application of HPAI vaccine and other prevention and control materials.
  4. To explore the possibility of establishing a cooperation mechanism on HPAI prevention and control among ASEM members. To study how the mechanism could be coordinated with global HPAI controlling schemes and how to provide technical assistance to developing countries.
  5. To exchange the latest scientific and technological research progress on HPAI prevention and control.