Mindoro, the Philippines

The ASEM Youth Dialogue will be held in Victoria, Mindoro in the Philippines from the 12th – 16th November. It shall examine “Conscious Choices for Equitable Development”, by bringing together up to 40 young representatives from youth organisations working in this field. The programme will include field trips to sustainable development sites, experience sharing, keynote lectures and interactive discussions.

What is the ASEM Youth Dialogue?

The annual ASEM Youth Dialogue provides a valuable channel through which youth in ASEM countries can exchange perspectives on priority themes in the ASEM agenda. Focus is given to the role and participatory nature of youth in the ASEM process, particularly with regard to providing solutions to identified common challenges. This series was launched in Denmark with the Danish Youth Council during the 4th ASEM Summit in 2002.

Why a dialogue on “Strategic Choices for Equitable Development”?

The subject of sustainable development, conscious choices for greater environmental concern and the economic and social repercussions of these issues must be considered alongside an ever-increasing climate of globalisation and social development. This issue has wide-reaching consequences on a global scale, and therefore common strategies and solutions must be identified.

Between Asia and Europe, a bi-regional approach by means of dialogue, mutual understanding and common ground is one way that this subject can be brought the forefront of a wider agenda, involving youth in more direct cooperation with Government and international organisations through the transmission of their ideas for a holistic approach to sustainable development to a higher level.

What are the projected outcomes of this meeting?

The ASEM Youth Dialogues have been conceived to provide an opportunity for Youth in Asia and Europe to exchange perspectives on themes identified as priorities by the Asia-Europe Meeting during the biennial ASEM Summits. They create and foster human networks among young people by encouraging a common vision. These dialogues also increase initiatives in the field of Asia-Europe youth co-operation through the development of action-oriented youth initiatives as concrete and substantial contributions by the youth to the ASEM process over the medium to long term. These objectives are captured in the ASEM Youth Declaration adopted by the participants at the conclusion of each dialogue, which is transmitted to the ASEM partners as the youth contribution to the ASEM process.

In the framework of this project, it is expected to produce an “ASEM Youth Declaration” to be sent for consideration by the ASEM partners.


For applications and general inquiries, please visit the project’s page here.