In preparation for the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF; Singapore-based) and the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) will be jointly organising a public symposium to examine the kinds of roles Asia and Europe should be playing in the rapidly changing global environment in collaboration with the EU Institute of Japan (EUIJ).

ASEM was established in 1996 to strengthen traditionally weak Asian-European relations in contrast to strong Asian-North American and European-North American relations. While dialogue and cooperation between the two regions at the official and bureaucratic levels has advanced in the political, economic/financial, and social/educational/cultural domains since the first ASEM summit meeting, significant changes over the past ten years in the global arena have altered the nature of expectations for Asian-European cooperation. In addition, the rise of China and regional community building efforts on the Asian side and EU expansion on the European side represent considerable change at the regional level as well.

It is within this context that this symposium will provide an opportunity for examination of the evolving global stage and recent developments in both regions, and will engage the public in debate on the possibilities for cooperation between Asia and Europe and the role of ASEM itself.