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Roundtable on “The Future of Asia-Europe Cooperation”

Date: 29 November 2023 (Wednesday), 16:30 – 18:00 (SGT) 09:30 – 11:00 (CET)

Venue: Online

Organised and hosted by ASEF


As the only brick-and-mortar institution stemming from the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) process, ASEF has played a pivotal role since its launch in February 1997. Its core mission revolves around enhancing connections and fostering mutual understanding between Asia and Europe, especially within academic circles, among intellectuals, cultural experts, practitioners, civil society, and the youth.

Our Essay Competition this year successfully drew participants of all ages from over 20 ASEM member states. The outcome of this competition resulted in a book featuring 68 essays that artfully expressed the hopes, expectations, concerns, and doubts regarding the future of Asia-Europe cooperation.

Now, we are excited to invite you to our Roundtable event on 29 November. This Roundtable will showcase four distinguished panelists who have dedicated their expertise to exploring EU’s or Europe’s relations with Asian countries. They have actively participated in various policy dialogues on the state of Asia-Europe relations, making them well-versed in the subject. Our esteemed panellists include:

  • Dr. Chheang Vannarith (President of Asian Vision Institute, Cambodia)
  • Prof. Evi Fitriani (Professor of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia)
  • Dr. Eva Pejsova (Japan Chair, Centre for Security, Diplomacy, and Strategy, Brussels School of Governance)
  • Mr. Richard Werly (Award-winning journalist)

The Roundtable will be an opportunity for the panellists to share their thoughts on what truly stood out from the diverse voices on the future of Asia-Europe cooperation featured in the publication. Are there any significant differences between how Asians and Europeans see the construct of ASEM, the role of ASEF and their potential. Are the younger authors more or less optimistic about the future and the benefits of Asia-Europe cooperation? Are the more senior authors sceptical about what ASEM can achieve and the trajectory of Asia-Europe cooperation in the midst of rising geopolitical tensions? What are some of the prescriptions and recommendations for a more fruitful exchange between Asians and Europeans, and how they can cooperate address global challenges such as climate change.

We look forward to an engaging and thought-provoking discussion, and we encourage you to participate in this Roundtable event to gain valuable insights into the future of Asia-Europe cooperation.






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