Bulgaria to Host 5th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference (ASEM LEMC5) in 2015

16 June 2015

Bulgaria will host the 5th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers' Conference (ASEM LEMC5) on 3-4 December 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It will be organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The meeting will focus on the theme, "Towards Sustainable Social Development in Asia and Europe: A joint Vision for Decent Work and Social Protection".

The ASEM10 Chair's Statement emphasised that decent and productive employment and social protection are central pillars of sustainable and inclusive development. The Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to exchange views on how dialogue and cooperation within ASEM can contribute to global efforts for sustainable development and poverty eradication.

Outcomes from the ASEM LEMC5 will serve as input for discussion at the 11th ASEM Summit (ASEM11) in 2016 in Mongolia.