Challenges to Biodiversity Conservation

14 October 2014

Universiti Brunei Darussalam in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will be organizing the ASEM Workshop 2013 themed “Challenges to Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Ecosystems”. The workshop will be held from 12-24 May 2013 at The Core Residential College, UBD, the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre (KBFSC) and the Badas Peat Swamp Forests.

There is a a total of 24 undergraduate students from ASEM member countries with 30 experts from Australia, Austria, Brunei Darussalam, the Czech Republic, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom are participating as seminar speakers and field instructors.

Four seminar sessions will be held as follows:

  1. Session I: Biodiversity Conservation: A Tropical Perspective.

  2. Session II: Conservation and Climate Change

  3. Session III: Measuring, Modelling and Mapping Biodiversity

  4. Session IV: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Studies

Talks during the four sessions will be delivered by world-renowned biodiversity researchers, as well as local experts from Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

A special Heart of Borneo Seminar will also be organized by MIPR on 16 May 2013 entitled “Biodiversity in the Heart of Borneo”. The session will focus on ongoing HoB projects in Brunei. In addition to the seminars, students will be given the chance to participate in a field trip to the mangroves of Sungai Brunei, and a visit to the Tasek Merimbun ASEAN Heritage Park.

On 17 to 23 May 2013, students will participate in two residential field trips to the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, Ulu Temburong and to the Badas Peat Swamps in the Belait district. The field trips are aimed to provide practical, hands-on training in ecological and ecophysiology techniques used in biodiversity conservation.

Students will be participating in field activities to investigate forest dynamics and structure, carbon sequestration, dendrochronology, bat monitoring and hydrological measurements. Students will also participate in a tour of cultural places on interest in Brunei Muara on 23 May 2013.

For any inquiries, please contact Dr Rahayu Sukmaria Haji Sukri (Co-Chair, ASEM 2013 Working Committee).