Experts present proposals to boost Asia-Europe cooperation

14 October 2014

Source: Xinhua (China)
Source type: News Agency
Published on: 05 Oct 2010

BRUSSELS, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Participants in a sideline of the eighth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) on Tuesday presented proposals to boost Asia-Europe ties, ranging from regional integration to higher education.


The key points included that Asia and Europe should increase their knowledge about each other and advancing regional integration, higher education and research cooperation should be a top priority of ASEM and more resources should be mobilized.

These points, which have been channeled to leaders attending the summit,were put forth by more than 150 participants in the Fourth Connecting Civil Societies of Asia and Europe Conference in Brussels from Friday to Sunday.

The civil society representatives, who participated in eight thematic workshops, welcomed the high-level political dialogue between Asia and Europe and called for greater civil society engagement and partnership.

According to the paper posted on ASEM's official website, the participants also urged the ASEM leaders to identify a common regional vision.

"This vision has to be founded on common goals, affirmed by historical recognition, and supported by trans-regional and multi-stakeholder cooperation," it said.

The conference was organized by the Asia-Europe Foundation in cooperation with the Europe-Asia Policy Forum.

-Edited by Fang Yang, Xinhua