Final document from Fifth ASEM Conference on Counter-Terrorism

14 October 2014

Posted on 18 May 2007

The 5th ASEM Conference on Counter-Terrorism was held in Tokyo, Japan on 15-16th May, 2007. The conference was to follow up and to further build on the results of previous ASEM Conferences on Counter-Terrorism held in Beijing (2003), in Berlin (2004), in Semarang (2005) and in Copenhagen (2006) guided by the ASEM Copenhagen Declaration on Cooperation against International Terrorism adopted at ASEM 4 in 2002. Participants were representatives from ASEM partners as well as relevant counter terrorism institutions.

The Chair's Summary of the above-mentioned event is now available for reading and download. To read the web-based text, please click here. To download the PDF version, please click here.