First ASEM Culture and Arts Festival to open in Beijing

14 October 2014

Source: CCTV International (China)
Source type: TV
Published on: 14 Aug 2009

The first Asia-Europe Meeting Culture and Arts Festival is to open on September 2nd in Beijing. The theme of the week-long event is "Sharing Diversity and Innovation" and it's aimed at bringing out the diversified Asian European culture in music, dance, film, theatre, exhibition and publications.

A press conference was held on Thursday morning to announce the upcoming event, which is also a concrete result of the 7th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit in October, 2008. During the meeting, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao proposed to launch the ASEM Culture and Arts Festival, hosted on rotating basis. It was agreed the first festival would be held in China.

Officials from the Chinese Ministry of Culture have unveiled the logo for the first festival. The design adds to the ASEM logo by drawing under it an arc which resembles the Great Wall of China and a boat.

Dong Junxin from the Ministry of Culture explained that the Great Wall is synonymous with the ancient Chinese civilization, and its boat shape resembles the contour of the Earth. The general concept is that the Festival is like a vessel of cultural exchange, a vehicle that carries half of the world's civilization and a bridge that connects rich cultures of Asia and Europe.

The opening performance Asian European Classical Symphony Concert will be staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

The week-long event includes an exhibition of Art Collections from Foreign Embassies in China and a Stamp and Currency exhibition. A Book and Audio-Visual Exhibition will also be held.

On the stage, the award-winning drama Autumn Begins and A Handful of Jujubes are scheduled amid an wide array of performance and film screenings from home and abroad.

The festival will end on a high note with the open-air Asian European Ethnic Music and Dance gala at Chaoyang park on September 8th.