Invitation to ASEM SMEs to SMESCO

18 September 2015

ASEM Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) cooperation has been part of ASEM efforts in enhancing economic and trade cooperation with a view to achieving prosperity in Asia and Europe. With sustained supports, highly creative and innovative SMEs will contribute significantly to create employment and ensuring sustainable growth. Representing the dynamic regions in the world, Asia and Europe SMEs have much potential in optimizing the SMEs cooperation which will strengthen their capacities in building networking, expanding market and marketing of products.

To promote international contacts of the SMEs, the Indonesian Government will convene SMESCO Festival in Jakarta Convention Center on 1-4 October 2015. The SMESCO Festival is the biggest annual SMEs promotion event in Indonesia. This Festival promotes variety of SMEs high quality of products including furniture, food and beverages, fashion and accessories, herbal and spa, handicraft, and agricultural products.

In view of these, the Indonesian Government invites ASEM SMEs to participate in this event. Several booths will be allocated of free of charge for ASEM SMEs, based on first come first serve basis. Requests for business contacts may also be facilitated.

For further information about this SMESCO Festival, you may contact: Ms. Kurnya Dewi, telephone: +62-21-3812778, email: asem-kik @