What is AESCON?

AESCON (Asia-Europe Sustainable CONnectivity) is the first scientific conference on Asia-Europe sustainable connectivity, bringing together researchers and policy analysts working in the field of international connectivity, globalization and their impacts on sustainable development, with a particular focus on Asia-Europe connections. The conference aims to provide an academic forum to discuss global challenges on transport infrastructure, energy transition, climate change, digital economy, trade and investment flows, security, people mobility, among others.

The conference is used as an open platform for debate on sustainable connectivity, to spur future research linked to policy needs and to build a network of Asia-Europe researchers working on sustainable connectivity. AESCON will be anchored by contributions from researchers on themes related to Asia-Europe sustainable connectivity and by keynote presentations. The conference is steered by a scientific committee.

The second edition of Asia-Europe Sustainable Connectivity Scientific Conference (AESCON2022) built on the success and recommendations of the first AESCON held in November 2020. The online conference was organised after and as a following of the ASEM Summit (ASEM13) in Cambodia in November 2021. Thematically, the conference focused on one key subsect of connectivity: digital connectivity, which is high on the ASEM agenda and an EU priority.

Next to high-level opening and closing sessions, key policy priorities of digital connectivity were discussed in four thematic sessions: (1) secure, resilient and responsible digital infrastructure; (2) norms and standards for Trusted Connectivity; (3) digital connectivity for development; and opportunities in the digital economy.