To continue concerted efforts on enhancing ASEM disability cooperation, China hosted the 2nd ASEM High-level Meeting on Disability on 14-15 September, 2017 in Beijing.

The 2nd ASEM High-level Meeting on Disability reviewed efforts and progress made by ASEM Partners in promoting ASEM disability cooperation in the past 2 years, sharing knowledge and experience in promoting inclusive development for persons with disabilities, and discussed an action plan for future cooperation in the field of disability among ASEM Partners.

To further raise awareness on disability and to promote the development of work on disability in Asia, Europe and beyond through enhanced international cooperation, Chinese Premier LI Keqiang advocated the incorporation of disability issue into ASEM cooperative framework during the 10th ASEM Summit (ASEM10) in 2014. The initiative gained support from many ASEM Partners, among them Germany, New Zealand, Pakistan and France.

To turn the initiative into action, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Beijing Municipal Government, hosted the 1st ASEM High-level Meeting on Disability in October of 2015 in Beijing, under the theme, “Break Barriers for Inclusive Development”, in which the ASEM High-level Meeting on Disability Joint Initiative was formulated. The Meeting reaffirmed the 3 pillars for future ASEM disability cooperation: advancing social development, promoting human rights, and steering economic growth.