Investment and its Financing: What causes private investment to remain relatively low in Asia?

14 October 2014

Posted on 15 Dec 2010

The Reserve Bank of India and the European Commission are organising the conference "Investment and its Financing: What causes private investment to remain relatively low in Asia?". The conference will be taking place at Trident Hotel Nariman Point, Mumbai, India, on 16-17 December 2010.

This conference will provide participants with an opportunity to share analysis on the key economic issues for Asia and EU in the aftermath of the worst global financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression. As the conference is under the umbrella of ASEM (the Asia-Europe meeting), it will bring together representatives from each of the 48 ASEM member countries together with representatives of central banks, multilateral organisations, private sector, think-tanks and academia.

The conference participants will examine what drives investment in Asia and Europe, the impediments to its financing, and will exchange views about policy challenges that lie ahead. The various sessions in the one and a half day conference will address issues such as the role of investment for productivity and growth, credit growth and financial stability, ways to channel savings into investment, the role of the financial sector and the impact of infrastructure bottlenecks on growth.

The conference will provide a useful forum to exchange views and research findings on issues relevant from a policy making perspective. It will serve as input to the ASEM economic process and to the broader analysis of the rebalancing of global growth, already a central theme of the G20 forum.